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Imperva operates an abuse desk for any types of claims about our customers. This can be for Copyrights Infringing Content, Child protection, spamming or any other claim which potentially suggests that a site protected by Incapsula is involved in an illegal activity.
These claims usually arrive to our abuse desk from well-known organizations such as Spamhaus, government entity such as Roskmandzor or others.
Incapsula service protects websites from malicious threats by routing web traffic through its own servers, where the traffic can be screened for malicious content. Safe traffic is forwarded to the destination server where the website content is stored. 
Incapsula abuse desk is being contacted as an online DNS lookup on the site will produce an IP and as a result of the routing mechanism, Incapsula's IP address appears as the IP address for the website for these DNS lookup checks.
Incapsula does not have access to the servers where the content is stored, and as such, Incapsula is unable to modify or take down any content from websites.
How to report a claim?
Claims can be filed by emailing Incapsula’s abuse desk at abuse@incapsula.com
If I am a customer?
We advise customers to create an abuse contact in their instance of the Incapsula Console, allowing our abuse desk to know exactly who to contact in your organization in case of need:
It is highly recommended that the email will represent a distribution list rather than specific people within your organization. 
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    The name cannot be abuse, your systems states "A full name is required."
    Also, what role should the account have?

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