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Enterprise customers may add Multiple Account Users and set proper permissions to each user.

Account Users may be added under the account settings.

Navigate to Account -> Details -> Account Users.


You may modify the following: 

1. Add user:

- Click Add User.

- Add the full name of the user. 

- Add a valid Email address. Choose a functional Email address as the user will have to validate his Email. 

2. Modify Permissions:

Once user is added, you may modify his permissions.

Use the Wrench symbol --> User Permissions. 

* The 'Not Now' attribute set user's permissions to the default.


  • Allow user to add and remove sites - user will be able to add new sites and remove existing sites.
  • Allow user to modify site setting - user will be able to change the site's settings (WAF, Performance etc.).
  • Allow user to edit account settings - user will be able to change the account settings (2FA, Personal details etc.).
  • Allow user full control of users and permissions - user will be able to add/remove/modify permissions of all users. It is recommended to enable this option only for admin users.
  • Allow user to add and remove DNS zones - user will be able to add/remove DNS zones on the account.
  • Allow user to modify DNS zones - user will be able to modify DNS zones on the account.
  • Allow to login from the following IP addresses - option will allow the user to access the account, from specific IPs. If the field left empty, the user will be able to log in to this account from all IPs.

* SIEM Integration settings are part of Account Level settings and require the following privileges for a user to be able to modify this: "Allow user to edit account settings"

3. Modify user:

3 options are available:


  • Remove user - remove the user from the account.
  • Reset Password - reset the user's password.
  • User Permissions - set user's permissions. 


  • In order to set a user with "Read-Only" permissions, uncheck all of the User Permissions. Once all permissions are disabled, the user will be in an Read Only mode. 
  • In order to set another Account Administrator instead of the current one, please contact Incapsula support.



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