I don’t recognize any of the contact emails in the SSL setup process

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Adding SSL support for your web site involves verifying that you are the owner of the domain. This is done by sending a verification mail to an email address that is associated with the web site domain.

In some cases, the email addresses in the list provided to you may not be active or may not be monitored by you. In that case you will need to associate a new email address with your domain in order to continue the setup process.

Associating a new email address with your domain is done through your domain registrar and you should contact your domain registrar support team. If you encounter any problems in this process please open a ticket with our support team and we will do our best to assist.

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    Thanks for figuring out why.

    But none of the email is identified at our registrar, if you recall m.vuvaa.com is really a subdomain and not physically available with our registrar, only www.vuvaa.com is available and the email associated with it like we did previously and this is turbo@accessng.com....am surprised your panel didn't pick it the this time...so what shall we do?

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    You might not worry as I have instructed that admin@vuvaa.com be created, as this will lay the case to rest.


    Elijah k. Olanrewaju

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