Changing hosting server

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If you are switching to a new server within the current hosting provider or with a new provider, all that is required to do at Incapsula is to change the site IP address.

That is done accordingly:

1. Settings

2. Origin Servers tab

3. Enter the new server IP instead of the old one

4. Save

 There is no need to make any changes to the Incapsula DNS records.

The change is propagated to the various proxies and becomes active within a few minutes.

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    Sam Hopper

    This support question is out of date. There is no SITE IP's setting under the general tab..!

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    Yair Uziel

    @SamW - thank you for pointing our attention, the article is now updated to reflect the current interaction.

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    Ross Cockburn

    Is this change instantaneous? If not, how long before it takes effect?

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    We'd also love to understand this. Can you please answer Jord's question?

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    Yair Uziel

    Yes, it would be sent to the system once you press Save, and propagated to the various proxies within minutes.

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    How long does the change ip address and refresh the site Incapsula to resolve the new ip?

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    Yair Uziel

    @edatel - please review the information at the end of the article.

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    a more precise answer than "in a few minutes" would be nice.
    or some way of viewing progress.

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