Changing DNS Settings for Wordpress (DreamHost)

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In order to add custom DNS records to your DreamHost account, please do as follows:

1. Login to your DreamHost account.

2. Go to: Main Menu > Domains > Manage Domains.

3. Now go to: Add New Domain / Sub-Domain > DNS

4. In the "Add a custom DNS record to..." box, choose the record you want to add:

4.1 For A record: Choose type "A", enter the IP (that was assigned to your web site by Incapsula) in the "Value " field and click .

4.2 For CNAME: Choose type "CNAME", enter "www" in the "Name" text box field, enter the CNAME (that was assigned to your web site by Cloud WAF) in the "Value " field and click .


For further instructions, please review this article.


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    can you write update tuturial?

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    Our recent check shows the tutorial to be up to date.

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