Can I deactivate Incapsula?

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Sure. At any time, from the Websites page that displays when you log in to your account, you can choose to deactivate any website that is safeguarded by Incapsula.


Indicates if the website is enabled, disabled, or partially configured.

 Fully configured: Traffic to the website is protected and accelerated.

 Partially configured: DNS is only partially configured and requires further action. The website is pointing to the Incapsula-provided CNAME but the naked domain’s A records are not pointing to the Incapsula-provided IPs.

 Not configured: DNS changes have not been implemented. Traffic to the website is not completely secured. Complete the DNS configuration to enhance the site’s security.

 Disabled: Traffic to the website is directed to your origin server without being routed through Incapsula.

Click the status icon on the Websites page to view more details.

  • Disable/Enable a site.
  • Delete a site. Use this option when you want to remove a website from Incapsula. Note that you must change your DNS configuration back to its original settings before deleting a website; otherwise you might lose visitors.


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