Adding subdomains to your account (Enterprise Customers Only)

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Enterprise customers which wish to add subdomains (or other similar sites) of a site they have already configured at Incapsula, have two general options:

1. If both sites/domains/subdomains are sitting on the same server/IP you can use the Incapsula CNAME given by the system for the initial site, and use it for them.

In this case, you will see aggregated statistics in the Incapsula dashboard for all domains configured behind the same CNAME under the initial site that is configured on Incapsula. Every site using the same CNAME will also be regarded with the same security settings set to the original one.
Using this method will not incur any extra charges, as this does not count as adding an extra site (except for data charges beyond the plan).

For more information: CNAME Reuse

2. If you wish to separate statistics and security settings for the added subdomain, then it should be added as an "extra site" to the account (by pressing the Add Site button on the sites page), and thus will be billed as an extra site according to the plan's details.

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    Kunal Bansal

    I am configuring it for sub domain. If my CNAME is pointing to then how content of the website will be shown i.e. how hosting (cpanel) server will know which directory content to show? Do I need to define multiple entries in cpanel one as cname and other with some other record type?

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    Didn't work for me, but adding two A records pointing to the IPs Incapsula gives you for the main domain seems to solve the problem and work perfectly.

    Had to actually remove the CNAME, suggested in the article, to make it work.

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    Brian Beisel

    is it required to create an extra site if it uses SSL?

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