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Backdoor is a technique that is widely used by hackers for malicious purposes. Uploading Backdoor to hacked websites allows hackers to later-on remotely inject malware to those websites or use them for generating spam and even participate in DDoS attacks on other websites. Detecting uploaded Backdoor is extremely complicated and is not possible using common, widely used tools. Incapsula Backdoor Protect feature detects Backdoors by identifying unique response patterns during connection attempts from the hacker. The Backdoor can then be quarantined and any further attempts to use it will be blocked.


Incapsula Backdoor Protect:

The Incapsula Backdoor Protect feature sheds light on malicious Backdoor hidden on your website.
Quarantining Backdoor allows you to regain control over your website and dismantles hackers from one of their most powerful weapons.
It also allows you peace of mind in terms of knowing that your website will not be used for malicious purposes, such as sending spam or attacking other websites, consequently preventing it from being blacklisted.
The Backdoor protect feature is available on the Business, Business Plus and Enterprise plan.

 For more information:BACKDOOR ATTACKS



  • Detect Backdoor by monitoring website traffic and identifying when a Backdoor is being operated.
  • Quarantine Backdoor by denying access to it, rendering it useless.
  • Notify the website administrator and pin-point the Backdoor for removal.



Incapsula Backdoor Protect Configuration:

Drop down options:

Select one of the following options:



Auto-Quarantine (default)

Any detected backdoor is automatically quarantined.

Alert Only

A notification is sent to the Incapsula administrator/user (according to the WAF Settings) and an alert appears in the Events page.


The event is not listed in the Events page and no action (such as blocking) is taken.

Whitelist Rules for Backdoor Detection:

  • Users can add exception rules based on: URL, Client app ID, IP, Country, User-agent and HTTP Parameter. 
  • Exception rules will override all other “Incapsula Backdoor Protect” rules.
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