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Our billing system is managed through a third party (Bluesnap/Freshbooks), and so invoices are sent by request only.

If you wish to get yours, we have 2 options:

  1. Web plans (Pro and Business):
    Invoices and billing information can be viewed by using the following link:

    Please note that you will need the login credentials of your Bluesnap account, which was created for you by Bluesnap when you have signed up for the service and is separate from your Incapsula account.

    In case you do not know your Bluesnap account login information, you can restore the details by clicking "Don't know your username or password?" or by contacting BlueSnap support directly at According to Bluesnap privacy policy, they will only share the login information with the account owner.

    Invoices can also be requested from us.
    Just open a ticket to, let us know which months you need and we will provide the relevant links.

  2. Enterprise:
    If you are on our Enterprise plan, you will need to contact your account manager in order to receive the invoices.
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    I want to renew the subscription, Kindly suggest some vendors who will help.

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    Yair Uziel

    @ Kamal - your subscription renews automatically unless you choose to cancel it.

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    Could you send me the accounts details to make an online transfer for WAF service

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