Why is my account locked?

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In many cases, the account lock is related to a billing issue which can occur due to one or more of the following:

  1. Failed charges - The account will be locked if the billing system was unable to process the payment 3 times. The timeline is usually a week.
  2. Failed authorization of the credit card by Bluesnap (our merchant provider) - In this case, you will need to contact the card provider in order to check for possible issues with the credit card account.

While the account is locked the sites under it will NOT be protected by the service, and disruption in traffic may occur (based on the settings for the sites).
If the account is in a locked state for 30, it will be deleted from the service and traffic to the sites will be bypassed directly to the hosting server.

Once you will attempt to access the dashboard, an option to "Go To Billing Information" will appear. Clicking the button will allow you to re-enter the credit card details and once the card is validated, the account will be released from its locked status.

If you have done the mentioned procedure and still get locked, please open a ticket at web-billing@imperva.comsula.com.

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    i haven't attempted any payment method yet my account is locked

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    Alleiner James

    Same issue as localhost, my former account was locked forever. What it has to do with my credit card, I think your TOS is too sensitive and vulnerable.

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