How to block visitors from a certain country?

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Incapsula lets restrict traffic based on the geo-location of the visitor.

In order to achieve this:

1)Access the Security settings:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On the sidebar, click Websites (default).
  3. Click a site name to access the site's dashboard.
  4. On the sidebar, click Settings.

  5. Click Security 

2) Choose the countries you would like to block visitors from, either via that interactive map or by checking the country list.

3) Whenever you select in a country, it will appear in the selected countries section below the map.

4) When you are finished, click Save.


Why would you want to deny access from a certain country?

It is common practice to block countries from which many attacks are executed.  If visitors from a certain country are not part of your target audience you might want to completely block traffic from that country.

Doing so will also remove all the unnecessary “noise” from your website analytics tools due to all sorts of unwanted visitors from the blocked countries.


For more information:Link

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  • Avatar

    i can't cancel the last block country list,why?

  • Avatar

    hello some provider like three hutchison indonesia always got blocked , even i whitelist country. Is there solution for this

  • Avatar

    All traffic from European countries is being blocked and we haven't blocked a single country in the Incapsula settings. How do we fix?

  • Avatar

    This is not longer under the security section. The area to block countries has moved?

  • Avatar

    Also blocking IP addresses, that is also missing from Security

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