DDoS Mitigation Service

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Cloud WAFs DDoS protection offers complete defense against all types of DDoS threats, including network-based attacks, like SYN or UDP floods, and application attacks, like Slowloris, HTTP Flood, and RUDY, that attempt to overwhelm server resources.  The service also detects attempts to exploit application-specific vulnerabilities like buffer overflow, SQL injection, or remote file inclusion. Unique bot-detection technology differentiates real users from automated clients to augment detection. Our Advanced Bot Protection (ABP) enhances our BOT filtering against malicious automated web scraping and other types of application browser-based attacks.

Enterprise customers can purchase enhanced DDoS protection plans including Unlimited DDoS Protection.

How does it work?
Cloud WAF’s DDoS protection is based on advanced filtering engines that can tell apart legitimate traffic from DDoS traffic. Cloud WAF proxies classify any incoming traffic to the web site and determine whether it is generated by web site visitors, legitimate bots, or DDoS bots. Any suspected visitor that will fail the configured DDoS challenge will be blocked.


For additional information, please see : Configuring the MY DDoS Mitigation Settings

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