How will Incapsula affect my localization?

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It won’t.

Yes, using Incapsula will provide your website with a Global Presence by spreading it around the world on a network of high-powered servers - each with in own local IP. But, in doing so, it won’t hinder your SEO or affect your website’s localization data.

This is because Google and other Search Engines mainly use Top Level Domain data to determent website’s geo-targeting (i.e. if you got a .fr domain, you will be marked as a French website).

In case of generic TLD like a (.com) or (.org) your locale will be decided based on information provided by the website owner. Only when no such information was provided, the search engine will turn to look at other telling signs like On-Site Contact Information, Visitor Profiles and etc. Only at this point your website’s IP will be used for geo-targeting, but even then it will be counted as only one of the localization factors. 

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