Will Incapsula prevent access from Googlebots (and other Search Engine bots)?

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No, it won’t.

Incapsula has developed a unique bot (automation) detection technology that identifies Googlebots  (and other Search Engine  bots) and allows them to visit your website, uninterrupted. The activity of these SE bots is constantly monitored by our security team and their signatures and profiles are always kept up-to-date to ensure that they are never blocked.

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    Since adding Incapsula, I can't seem to submit sitemaps... I've added the sitemap to my domain, but Google can't see it - it gets a 403 error everytime it tries to see it.
    Would country blocking affect Google's attempts to read my sitemap?
    I have every country blocked aside from the UK.

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    As Google BOT originated in the US, blocking all the countries will also block Google bot from fetching the information of your site.

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