My site now uses Incapsula's IPs. Will this affect my SEO?

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No, it won’t.

For years there’ve been rumors about the negative effect of hosting several websites on the same IP. Although, in the past, an under-populated IP may be held some “extra” SEO value, today this is not the case, partly because of IPv4 IP address shortage which makes the whole idea simple unfeasible .

Google officially addressed this rumor on a several different occasions. Here are some references:

Matt Cutts talks about IP related SEO myths

“I wouldn’t worry about being on the same IP address and I definitely wouldn’t worry about being on the same server that is something what everyone does…”
Matt Cutts – Head of Google WebSpam Team

CDN and SEO discussed on Google Official Product forum

“We generally do not treat sites hosted on CDNs any differently”
Google Official Representative

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