What's the different between the Acceleration modes?

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The acceleration mode determine the level of caching Incapsula will enable on your site.
If you don’t know what caching is, it is recommended that you read this first.

 The thumb rule for caching is: the more cached resources on our servers the faster the website will be.

The number of cached resources also directly affects the reduction in bandwidth consumption and in server load. So our goal is always to cache as many static resources as possible.

 Incapsula has two caching modes: Standard and Advanced.

In the Standard mode (Available in the Free plan), Incapsula will cache only static resources that were explicitly declared as such by the web server. If there is a static resource that is not declared by the web server, it will not be cached even if it is an image or a style sheet.

When a resource is cached in standard mode, Incapsula will follow the web server instructions on when to refresh the cached resource.

Incapsula's Advance Caching feature (Available on Incapsula's paid plans) uses proprietary algorithms to optimize and enhance the standard caching mode.

These algorithms intelligently profile your website’s page behavior and automatically optimize it for the best possible caching rates while keeping your content fresh.

When enabling the advanced caching mode, your website will be utilize a state-of-the-art Caching Technology  that can detect and override misguiding HTTP header directives. Once in Advance Acceleration more,  Incapsula will implement a unique heuristics learning mechanism to study and cache dynamic content, while still preserving its freshness and relevancy (if personalized).

The implementation of this learning process will result in a noticeable increase in Caching results, increasing overall effectiveness by 30% and more, depending on just how much dynamic content there is to Cache.


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