How to change the DNS records?

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When you add your site to Cloud WAF you get a CNAME for your subdomains (, and an IP address for your top-level domain ( You will be instructed to replace your existing DNS entries for those domains with the entries you received from Cloud WAF. In order to make these changes, all you need to do is log into your DNS management console. If you are using one of the popular DNS management services (GoDaddy, 1&1 Hosting, etc.), we have prepared step by step instructions on how to make the necessary changes.

Changing DNS Settings at 1&1 Hosting
Changing DNS Settings at Dreamhost
Changing DNS Settings at easyDNS
Changing DNS Settings at GoDaddy
Changing DNS Settings at IX Web Hosting
Changing DNS Settings at
Changing DNS Settings with cPanel
DNS setup instructions for Network Solutions hosting


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    Mirko Saveriano

    I cannot find Aruba DNS management console..where is it? I logged in the control panel but there is no DNS options. Please help me

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