IPv6 Set-up and configuration

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IPv6 support is spread across our entire network and we are able to fully support it in every aspect of our infrastructure and the Incapsula's Management Console: white-listing, Origin IPs, etc.
How to enable IPv6 for a site:
Currently IPv6 is set on-demand and not by default.
In order to enable IPv6 for your sites you will have to contact Incapsula support.  
Please note that IPv6 is being enabled per site and not per account and could be disabled at any point. 
In case the IPv6 was enabled to full domain (www), you will be required to add 2 AAAA records in addition to the previous added DNS records, so our DNS servers will be able to reply to any queries with the IPv6 addresses.
How to add IPv6 to the white-list/blacklist:
You may add IPv6 addresses in the same way as IPv4 addresses:
  1. Single IP (e.g: 2001:0db8:0123:4567:89ab:cdef:1234:5678).
  2. Range (e.g: 2401:db00:0:0:0:0:0:0-2401:db00:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff).
  3. Subnets (e.g: 2401:db00::/32).


IPv6 as Origin Server and it's limitations:
At the moment, IPv6 origin servers can receive only IPv6 traffic.

Therefore, you may set your origin servers in several ways:

1.       Only IPv4 address is set – Traffic from either IPv4 or IPv6 will be forwarded to the origin server.
2.       Only IPv6 address is set – IPv6 traffic will be forwarded to the origin server, but IPv4 traffic will not be forwarded to the origin server.
3.       Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are set – In this case our proxies work in what is called IPv6 preferred method:
IPv6 traffic will be passed by default to an IPv6 server while IPv4 traffic will be forwarded to the IPv4 server.
  • If you have LB and the IPv6 server is down, the IPv4 server will still be able to receive IPv6 traffic, in addition to the IPv4 traffic.
  • Please note that in case you have LB and the IPv4 server is down, IPv4 traffic won't pass to the IPv6 server and will be dropped.


For additional information, please refer to our Docs.

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