Incapsula's Password Policy

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Incapsula's password policy obligates customers to set a passcode of at least 8 characters and doesn't demand any particular complexity.

In addition, Incapsula has two other methods to restrict access to each account:

1. Enabling Two Factor Authentication for the account. This can be done by going to: Account > Details > Two Factor Authentication for Your Account, press  and setup your chosen authentication methods.

Click Management > Account Settings
You can enable the following: (For more information about account settings: Link)

Require users to use two-factor authentication Forces all users of the account to configure two-factor authentication for their logins. Users that have not configured two-factor authentication will be required to do so before logging in. (Available for account admins only.)
Allow Two-factor authentication through E-mail Enables users to receive a passcode for two-factor authentication via email. If this option is not selected, users can choose to receive a passcode via text message or the Google Authenticator app only.


2. Restricting to log in the account from a specific IP address. This can be done by going to: Account > Details > Account Details > Allow to login only from the following IP addresses, and add the requested IP address.

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